You better watch out…Christmas Trauma

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Featured, News

While decorating for Christmas, I was reminded of a patient I saw a few years ago. This particular girl had had a traumatic accident in which a 
Have a safe holiday!

cast iron stocking hook had penetrated her eye when she was 13 months old.  She had to have multiple surgeries and thankfully they were able to save a lot of the vision in that eye but she was left with a deformed pupil (the black part of your eye which limits the light allowed into the eye) due to the accident as well a condition called aphakia.

Aphakia occurs when the lens, a crucial part of focusing light, is removed. This not only caused major optical and light distortion and left her with a large prescription, but was very abnormal looking due to her light blue iris (eye color).

This brings up two points I would like to make:

First, please be careful. This time of year is meant to be filled with joy, gratitude, and celebrations. Unfortunately, there are also many accidents and trauma (eye and non-eye related). Take your time when decorating, traveling, cooking, etc. Don’t let this season be tainted by tragedy. Be mindful of decorations and how they hang, toys and their moving parts, and children’s reach.

Second, Doctors of Optometry, which are often considered the primary eye doctor, or the gate keeper for the eye, play multiple roles in the eye care world. For this young lady we were able to provide her with a specialty contact lens. This specialty contact lens improved her vision by providing the right prescription, but also was hand painted allowing for a regular pupil and therefore limiting the optical and light distortion caused by pupil irregularity. In addition this lens was matched to the other eye perfectly so cosmetically she appeared as any other little blue eyed girl.

Vision is a beautiful thing. Keep yours safe. May you have a blessed holiday season!