Traditionally, March is designated Save Your Vision Month, a time to remind ourselves about the importance of an annual comprehensive eye exam with an optometric physician. This year being 2020, it’s a message you may have already heard throughout January and February. But it’s just that important.

Maybe the more impactful message is: think about a life without your vision. Loss of good vision would change your day-to-day from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning to the moment you closed your eyes at night. You couldn’t get from place to place with the ease you do now, you wouldn’t watch Netflix the way you do now, and Instagram wouldn’t have anywhere the same appeal if you couldn’t see what you were scrolling through.

And then there’s the big stuff. Think about not actually seeing your loved ones, your kids. Think about only being able to explore nature using the remaining senses and never actually seeing it for yourself. Imagine the changes you would have to make in your career and the new challenges you would have to overcome.

While this is a reality for some, think about the steps you could take to prevent it from ever becoming your own. You can act now to protect your eyes as well as your children’s by simply seeing an optometrist annually. 

✅Get a behind-the-scenes look at the health of your eyes and visual system;
✅Find out if your vision has changed over time and address it if it has;
✅Make sure your kids are seeing well to ensure they are able to learn effectively while in school;
✅Tackle any issues with dry, itchy, or water eyes; ask about floaters; inquire about headaches or other issues;
✅Get in the habit of seeing your eye doctor regularly, and make sure your kids do, too!

As we begin Save Your Vision Month here are some facts for parents to consider: