Activity Sheet 1: How the Eyes Work

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Below is a drawing of the eye with some of the more important parts numbered. Write the names of the parts of the eye and their functions in the proper boxes. The clue list is there to help you.

(Move your mouse over the illustration to see a colorized version.)


Part NamesFunctionsAnswers
LensContains cells that detect light Cornea. Outermost transparent layer of eye. Begins focusing process.
RetinaOpening to the inner eyePupil. Opening to the inner eye.
Ciliary MuscleControls the size of the pupilIris. Controls size of pupil.
Optic NerveFocuses image of objectLens. Focuses image of object (on retina).
PupilControls shape of lensRetina. Contains cells that detect light.
CorneaTransmits information to brainCiliary muscle. Controls shape of the eye.
IrisOutermost transparent layer of eye, begins focusing processOptic Nerve. Transmits information to the brain.