Decorative Contact Lenses

by | Apr 8, 2013 | News

Decorative (also known as cosmetic or novelty) cosmetic lenses are often sold illegally via the internet and on the boardwalk. Despite the Federal law in place to regulate this practice and the New Jersey Contact Lens Dispenser Act, the illegal sale of contact lenses has continued with impunity and has resulted in numerous documented cases of harm done to consumers.

The New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians (NJSOP) and the Division of Consumer Affairs have met regarding this issue and taken steps to crack down on these offenders.

From the Division of Consumer Affairs:

“On August 12, 2011, at the Seaside Boardwalk, investigators seized a total of 1,535 novelty contact lenses, with a total estimated value of $38,000. Because decorative contact lenses have been associated with eye injury and infection, state and federal law prohibit their sale without a prescription from an eye doctor.”

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