Cover Your Butt, Take Care of Your Eyes – Is your underwear cleaner than your contacts?

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Featured, News

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Americans make nearly one million visits to doctor’s offices, outpatient clinics, and emergency rooms annually due to eye infections. That statistic again: Almost one million trips to the doctor for eye infections per year!

Fortunately, there are simple things that can be done to avoid the utter discomfort and often unappealing look of an eye infection and the CDC has tackled several of those tips specifically for contact lens wearers in their hysterical (but truly useful) infographic: Contact Lenses Are Like Underwear.

Cover Your Butt, Take Care of Your Eyes — We couldn’t agree more! And if you live in New Jersey and are in need of an optometric physician, we recommend the Doctor Locator found here. Simply enter your zip code and find out who’s close! Bonus: the results only include ODs who are members of the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians.

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