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Dr. Friedman

One Option for Slowing Down Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness in the working age population. In fact, 40% of people diagnosed with Type II diabetes will develop some form of diabetic retinopathy within 5 years of being diagnosed! Until now, there was nothing we could do to reduce the chances of developing diabetic retinopathy except manage the […]

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Visual Dysfunction in Patients with Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability characterized by: Impaired social interaction and communication – Delayed language development, lack of spoken language, poor understanding of the abstract meaning of words or words with special or temporal meanings such as “here” and “there”. Impairments in nonverbal communication – Limited eye contact, reduced facial expression and limited expressive gestures, […]

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The ultimate list of toys to help visual development

Often, parents ask me for ‘optometrist approved’ toys; toys that are fun and have the added bonus of enhancing visual development and stimulating the mind.  Toys that promote visual learning, strategic thinking skills, visual memory, spatial relations, visual closure, and visualization are always a good idea since they are instrumental in academics, problem-solving, and even […]

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Should you have your infant’s eyes checked?

In 2005, Optometry Cares Foundation of the American Optometric Association (AOA) and The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., launched the InfantSEE® program. InfantSEE® is a no-cost public health program developed to provide comprehensive, professional eye care for all infants nationwide. When a doctor signs up for the InfantSEE® program, they […]

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The Back-to-School Eye Exam

The back-to-school to-do check list is long. New clothes, new shoes, new backpack, pencils and pens, crayons, markers, notebooks, maybe a pair of sneakers they can grow into and the perfect first-day-of-school outfit. You make sure they get their teeth cleaned and cavities filled, vaccines are updated, medications are renewed, and hair is cut. But […]

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August 20-24 marks the 4th annual Contact Lens Health Week

It’s Contact Lens Health Week!

August 20-24, 2018 marks the 5th annual Contact Lens Health Week and the CDC and the AOA have some great information for anyone wishing to learn more about how to safely wear and care for contact lenses. Check out some of the resources below, and remember, #onepairtakecare! CDC: Healthy Contact Lens Wear and Care CDC: […]

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Governor Proclamation August 2018

August 2018 is Children’s Vision + Learning Month!

Governor Phil Murphy has declared August Children’s Vision + Learning Month and we could not be happier about the chance to remind parents about the importance of annual comprehensive eye exams for kids! Send them back to school knowing they have healthy eyes that can see clearly, track and converge properly, and help to make […]

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Sunglasses: How to Pick the Perfect Pair

Before we can talk about what makes a pair of sunglasses a good pair of sunglasses, we first have to discuss why protecting your eyes and eyelids is essential. The sun emits UV light in three forms – UVC, UVB and UVA – all three can damage the eyes: Skin Cancer – the eyelids are […]

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There Are Contact Lenses Out There, Made Just for Your Eyes.

Have you ever been told that you are not a good candidate for contact lenses? If you struggle with any eye condition you may have given up on contact lenses as a possible method for vision correction. Let’s discuss a special type of contact lens that might be right for your eyes. Scleral contact lenses […]

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Spring Time Red Eyes: Allergies or Pink Eye?

Spring is officially here and that has many people hopeful warm weather will arrive soon. But often times the change in weather brings on those red, puffy, itchy eyes. Is it Pink Eye or is it Allergies? Pink eye and allergies can come on with similar symptoms and it is important to be able to […]

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