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3D is everywhere.
Movies, cable networks, television, mobile devices, classrooms and signage are all increasing the use of 3D programming and technologies. Surprisingly, this has a great impact on you. All of this innovation provides a public health opportunity for our profession.

This section will provide you and your staff with necessary information and tools to help ensure your practice captures both the public health benefits of 3D and capitalizes on the potential for new patients. To grow your practice and improve community health, be sure to check out all the details in this new section.

Periodically check back for new and updated information on this emerging technology!

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Watching 3D video has led to the discovery and correction of some cases of stereo deficiency.

3D in the Classroom

See Well, Learn Well

Public Health ReportThis public health report has been designed to address those concerns and correct some of the misapprehensions that have accompanied the emergence of this new technology.Prepared under the close supervision of the AOA, in collaboration with leading educators and 3D technologists, this report:

  • explains the phenomenon of normal 3D vision and describes how it develops,
  • explains why some individuals experience difficulty perceiving the stereo effect,
  • describes the simple steps that can be taken to optimize the 3D viewing experience in the classroom and minimize any adverse reactions,
  • outlines how a viewer’s reaction to 3D displays may be a sensitive and valuable indicator of underlying vision health issues – issues that might otherwise have been missed, and that may be fully amenable to treatment by an optometrist.

Read a full version of 3D in the Classroom and print for use in your community.









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