Activity Sheet 5: Eyes in Action

ClassRoomExerc1We all use our eyes differently. The way we use them depends on our jobs, habits and leisure activities.

To get an idea of the many ways your eyes help you every day, fill in the blanks below.
1. Today I used my eyes at home to do the following:  _______________________________________________________.

2. Today I used my eyes during leisure time to do the following:  _______________________________________________________.

3. Today I used by eyes at work/school to do the following:  _______________________________________________________.  

Look over the items you listed above. Now complete the following:

1. At home, I take care of my eyes by  _______________________________________________________________.

2. At school/work, I take care of my eyes by  _______________________________________________________________.

3. During leisure activities, I take care of my eyes by  _______________________________________________________________.  

Now examine what you have written about how you take care of your eyes, then complete the following.

1. I am MOST CONCERNED about taking care of my eyes at HOME, WORK, SCHOOL, LEISURE (circle one) because  _______________________________________________________________.

2. To reduce my concern, I am going to do the following:  _______________________________________________________________.
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