Psoriasis and the eyes

In addition to August being Children’s Vision & Learning Month here in New Jersey it is also Psoriasis Awareness Month; Dedicated to raising awareness, encouraging research, and advocating for better care for people with psoriasis.

You’re probably familiar with Psoriasis as a skin disease and that may have you wondering why it’s showing up as a topic on an eye care website, however Psoriasis also often affects the eyes.

The ocular complications of psoriasis are numerous and can affect almost any part of the eye, including the eyelids, causing Ectropion (a condition in which the eyelid, usually the lower lid, turns outward), trichiasis (a condition in which the eyelashes are misdirected and actually grow inward, toward the eye), and Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). Psoriasis of they eye can also cause conjunctivitis, conjunctival redness, uveitis, corneal dryness, and other uncomfortable afflictions.  

The symptoms of ocular psoriasis can be subtle. As such, it is often recommended that patients with Psoriasis undergo regular, comprehensive eye exams with an optometric physician (OD) and that they consult an OD immediately when experiencing any visual symptoms.

If left untreated serious complications can result in permanent vision loss.

For more on the ways in which Psoriasis can affect the eyes check out this great article from the National Psoriasis Foundation.
Dr. Rodolfo Rodriguez

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